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Texan Red™ – Electric Charcoal Fire Starter

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Electric Charcoal Starter

Texan Red is changing the way you grill. Our Electric Charcoal Starter heats up charcoal even faster – in just minutes – so that cooking on your ceramic grill is even simpler – and safer! With our starter, you can light your cooker, and keep it lit, with ease. Take a walk on the wild side with the only tool you’ll need to get your grill going faster!

Weight: 4.93 lbs
Dimensions: 13 x 12 x 25 in


Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Texan Red™ – Electric Charcoal Fire Starter

  1. Natalie

    It worked so much faster than I was expecting it to! Got to really enjoy by drinks with my friends! I love using my Green Egg now even more

  2. Tim Hissam

    This product is amazing! I got tired of burning my hands with the cheaper solutions.

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The best lump electric lighter I have tried. I am ordering another one for my home. Less than 7 minutes and it was roaring on FOGO lump charcoal. Thanks a happy customer.

Albert Goettle

Love this!!! No more torch just plug and in 5 minutes we are red flames!

Texan Red User

"My husband said, "that thing is f*cking hot!"

A Texan Red Fan

Texas Red is HOT! I couldn’t wait to try my new Texas Red charcoal starter and now I don’t ever want to be without it! No more mess building charcoal teepees for me!

I love the convenience of setting it in the charcoal and letting it do its thing. Set it in place, go prep the meat and come back to a hot even fire. The shape sits securely on the lip of the bowl and keeps the handle clear of the heat for a cool touch when removing the coil.

The built-in cooling stand allows me to set it aside to cool and get right to the fun part.... grill away!

Oh wait, it’s kind of fun building the fire now! I highly recommend to Texas Red charcoal starter and I’ll never grill without it!

Tank in Texas

Starting a charcoal fire in my Green Egg used to take some time with lighter chips, then mixing burning coals down into the fire box. The Texan red lighter changed all that. Now I get a deep, even fire without messing with stirring coals. AND it Gets me cooking faster with a better fire.


The Texan Red Lighter is the best lighter I’ve used. Started my green egg in 10 min without use of chemicals to bring a very nice level red glow and burn to natural hardwood charcoal, you’ll love it!

Jim Sundberg